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By: Jose Augusto Barros

Working on tv shows, tours abroad and Los Angeles: where is Carlos Lazzari?

Gaucho, who played with the band Melody, is touring the United States and working on soundtracks for Netflix shows.

Former drummer of the band Melody, who gained prominence in Brazil in 2014 for participating in the yet extinct music tv show SuperStar on Globo, Carlos Lazzari, 33 years old, is now a citizen of the world.

The gaúcho, who has already played with important names in the scene, such as Sérgio Rojas, Renato Borghetti, Serginho Moah and Tonho Crocco, toured the country before moving to Los Angeles, California, where he lives today.

- “A few years ago, I left Porto Alegre, went to São Paulo, studied at a music conservatory, where I won my scholarship to study at Berklee College Of Music. Then I returned to Porto Alegre. I ended up playing with some artists and forming the band Melody” - he mentions.

After touring with Melody, he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he performed as the drummer for Globo's reality shows The Voice, The Voice Kids and Popstar. As if that wasn't enough, he toured with Isabela Taviani, a well known MPB artist, from Rio de Janeiro, until he finally moved to Los Angeles. After making his mark in the world of music, the Gaúcho reached a level desired by many artists: today, he works as a composer for movies, arranger, producer and drummer.

- “I had a phenomenal experience working as a drummer for SanPa: Sins of the Savior (from 2020, Italian documentary, original production by Netflix, which tells the story of a businessman who worked in the treatment of drug addicts), the documentary ended up winning an award in Italy, It was sensational “- he adds.

In the gaúcho's already full-bodied résumé, there is also work as an arranger on the short film The Make Up (2021), Which won the Audience Award, at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival, in Canada.

Cacá does not stop there. During the month of August he will be touring the United States with American artist Vella. 

The tour, which should go on until October, is going to be held at multiple events such as the Prairie Dog Blues Festival (on the 30th and 31st of this month) and PopCon, in September, both on North American soil. To top it off, the Gaucho is participating in a new Netflix project.

- But I still can't tell you anything about it - it's a mystery.